Man says driveway got bad sealant job


"It's still peeling off. I picked up a piece earlier today that blew off yesterday," he said.

Pittman told me he's been dealing with the problem since shortly after he paid $300 to INCES Seal Coating. He said the owner of the company just showed up at his house one weekend and said he had left over sealant from a job.

"He kept insisting, gave me a price, and I told him I wasn't interested. Then he pulled out a contract, showed me the contract, guaranteed for two years. And I told him I still wasn't interested, so he lowered the price," Pittman recalled.

Pittman said the price for sealing his driveway went from $500 down to $300. And, with a two-year warranty of all services, he said he thought he was protected. At first, he said he didn't have any problem, but soon after...

"By the next weekend, we had some showers and the coating that he put on this driveway as a sealer was peeling off and blowing off into the yard," said Pittman.

"I've tried half a dozen times - only talked to him once - plus the letter I mailed him," he explained.

Pittman said he mailed pictures of his driveway to INCES, buts he couldn't get them back on the job.  I reached out to the owner and he said the warranty was only on a 2-coat sealant application, not a single-coat which Pittman got. But when I pointed out that his flyer states a two-year warranty of "all" services performed," he again said it's only a 2-coat warranty.  When I asked why the sealant would be peeling off so soon, he said he didn't know why, and he's never seen it do this as the product he uses melts off, not peels off.  He said he would get back to Pittman's when he had a chance. That was three weeks ago and Pittman told me he hasn't heard a word.

"Well, I think that when people drive in trying to get your business and you haven't recruited them, you need to avoid them," said Pittman.

The owner of INCES also said that Pittman must have put something on the sealant to make it peel off. Pittman said he did not put anything on it. It peeled off as soon as it rained.

The lesson here is check out company before you hire them and be very leery of anyone who just shows up at your door offering to do work.  Get exactly in writing what's being done on the job, and what the warranty covers.

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