Family's belongings damaged in move


Jacob Cloer hired All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc in May.  He says he paid them to pack up everything in the Tennessee house and store it until his family found a North Carolina home. That happened, and the moving crew showed up at the family's new home in Rocky Mount two weeks ago.

"Before they would open up the truck, they said we need final payment before we'll even open the doors," Cloer said he was told.

So Cloer made final payment for a total cost of over $6,000 for the move.

"He looked at me and said 'I just, you should know that a lot of your stuff is messed up.' That was the first thing that came out of his mouth," Cloer recalled.

"Well my heart started to kinda beat faster," Cloer continued. "He said, 'Yeah, the guy that picked up all your stuff, he's been fired. He doesn't even work for the company anymore because he did such a bad job and he's cost the company a lot of money."

When the moving truck's door opened, Cloer saw the bad news.

"And then, not just mold on stuff, but boxes extremely damaged. Um, boxes that were completely broken open," said Cloer. "Once we realized that there was mold on everything, we said that nothing could come into our house."

Cloer said the news was devastating, as with two kids and another one on the way, starting from scratch is expensive. The family's beds and sofas are completely ruined. What can be salvaged has to be treated.

"We're having to go through everything. Everything has to be washed with a bleach and water solution," said Cloer. "It is such a pain and a nightmare to have to go through all of this."

Cloer says he called All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc and, he says, they told him to take pictures of the damage and file a claim.

"I said well that's hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures. They said well you have nine months to get it submitted," he recalled.

Frustrated, Cloer got in touch with me, and I reached out to All State Van Lines Relocation. A rep eventually called Cloer and told them they were going to send a mold remediation company to clean the items and access the damage.  The rep also told me they working directly with Cloer to take care of the claim.  

"It's not about revenge, people need to be held accountable and hopefully there is some justice in all of this," said Cloer.

Experts say always take a look at the insurance you have on a move.  Moving companies often offer full coverage or 60 cents per pound.  Cloer has the 60 cents per pound, which he says, even if he gets paid out the total weight of his move, it barely covers the cost of replacing all of those items that he had to throw out because of the mold.

The attorney for the moving company assures me they are working to take care of the Cloer family and adds that this is one of those rare incidents as they have never had a problem with mold like this.

We will keep you updated on that progress.

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