Troubleshooter helps rescue trapped cats


I thought I had heard it all until a family reached out to me saying they kept hearing kittens crying their walls, and they couldn't get it to stop.

The home belongs to Vicki Sanders. She rents it out to Katrina Perry and her husband, and none of them have any cats.

Around the start of September, Katrina starting hearing little cries for help behind her bedroom wall, so she called Animal Control.

"They told me I had to get a on a waiting list to get a trap sent," Katrina said.

But in desperate need of a good night's sleep and worried about what was stuck in her wall, Katrina convinced Vicki to hire a contractor to cut a hole in the bedroom wall. They videotaped what they found hanging on the sheetrock, and it was a kitten!

Rescued and removed, they thought the drama was done. But nearly three weeks later, they heard more meows.

Katrina called Animal Control again, but they still didn't have a trap for her.

"I was on the waiting list and I wanted to know where my name fell, because I never heard back from anyone. They told me I had to go back on the list because they didn't see it there," Katrina said.

But she and Vicki didn't want to risk waiting. So they called me and their trusty contractor.

We watched as he cut another hole in the sheetrock, removed the insulation, and found the second pick of the litter. This one was more bashful than his brother had been.

But my fearless photographer, Phil Thalheimer, was able to reach in and rescue him. The little guy was free at last, but what if there were more? The ladies called Animal Control again, and this time they came right out.

Animal Control explained to us that they only came out to get the kitten. The officer explained that they don't go into walls or attics to trap animals because of the dangers and liabilities. They also confirmed there's often a waiting list for traps.

The good news? Two holes later, Katrina's home is once again cat free.

Vicki ended up hiring a private animal trapper to find out how the kittens got in. The trapper soon caught the mama cat, a feral stray, and found out she had been crawling in and out through a pipe, into the crawl space, and then up into the attic. That's where she had her litter and where they stayed , as she came and went to feed them.

As for the kittens, one had to be put down because of an infection. The other was adopted and is doing fine, and the mother was turned over to the animal shelter.

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