Troubleshooter tackles $3K newspaper charge


A Chapel Hill woman certainly didn't mean to pay $3,000 too much for her newspaper subscription, but months after trying to explain the mix up, she was still waiting for her refund.

In the beginning of August, Lut Ghysels went online to pay her monthly New York Times bill of $30.40. But she thinks she made a mistake.

"I must have put in $3040 and maybe the dot didn't go through," she said.

Instead of $30.40, she paid $3,040, which is a $3,000 overpayment.  

"I wasn't worried because I thought if I get an overpayment of something I give it back," Lut said.

But that isn't what happened. Lut spent August and September sending emails and calling the New York Times about her $3,000 overpayment.

"It doesn't take much to write a check, so I'm wondering why is it hard for them to produce one," she said.

Lut said despite promises she would get her money, she kept receiving a credit on her subscription each month.

"I don't want to pay the New York Times ahead for another eight years, and it's my money," Lut said. "It's just way too much money to ignore."

Lut got in touch with me and I was able to get in touch with the New York Times customer care advocate. He assured me Lut would get her money back.

It took a few days, but it finally happened.

The customer care advocate said they are sincerely sorry it took so long to get the refund and thanked us for bringing it to their attention.

The lesson here is to make sure you check and double-check the amount you are typing when you pay a bill online. Check closely!

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