Changes coming to Fort Bragg entry system


The post is testing a new entry system that will allow easier access, but the changes have many people stopping at the All American Visitor's Center thinking they need to register to be in the system.

More than 119,000 people pass through the Fort Bragg gates every day. For security reasons guards must make sure everyone entering has a reason for being there.

"Currently right now at Fort Bragg, we're going through the second phase of the automated installation entry program," said Installation Physical Security Officer Mickey McQuain. "So what we're doing is for the next 30 days we're slowly implementing, lane by lane, the card swiping procedures for the system itself."

The automated installation entry, or AIE System, will ultimately speed up the process entering the post. While the system is being tested, guards will continue to check Department of Defense IDs.

"What the guards are doing is, when they swipe the cards, the guards are validating that it is a natural credential," said McQuain. "Also, what that's doing is the guard is looking at the actual credential to make sure make sure it is a valid credential."

Lately, the All American Visitor's Center has been crowded with DOD ID holders who mistakenly believe they have to register for the AIE.

"We're asking that no DOD card holder currently at this time has to come here to the visitor's center," said McQuain. "We apologize for any inconvenience a soldier or guard may have told anybody that wasn't registered in the system at this time.  They are still validating their credential to make sure it's an actual credential before giving them access. No one should be denied access to the installation that has a DOD ID card."

Any unescorted visitor to the Fort Bragg still needs to go to visitor's center and go through a background check before being allowed on post.

"You need to have your driver's license, your registration," said McQuain. "You'll come in here and we'll do a quick background check and then we'll issue up to a 90 day pass."

Fort Bragg will continue testing the AIE System for at least 30 more days. When they are satisfied the system works smoothly and without delays, it will move to the next phase of implementation.

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