Troubleshooter Diane Wilson helps save Goldsboro man's home


Homeowner Charles Wright has the checks to prove he paid his mortgage company, Nationstar Mortgage, the $4,686 they were demanding to avoid foreclosure.

"I had to act right away so I tried to comply with the letter by sending that amount of money," Charles said. "I thought that would be the end of it, but actually that was the beginning of it."

Instead of avoiding foreclosure, Charles got another letter from Nationstar this time demanding more than $7,000 to bring the account current. In addition, the checks he sent to Nationstar that totaled 4,686 were sent back to him.

"The first time it was inquired that the money didn't get there in time," Charles said.

However, Charles paid extra at the post office to show who at Nationstar signed for the checks and prove they had his money by the deadline of November 4.

"When I said well it was the correct amount according to your own letter, then it went from it was supposed to be one lump sum payment and not three separate payments," Charles said.

The letter from Nationstar goes on to say Charles now owes more than $9,400 to avoid foreclosure, close to $4,000 more than the original amount Nationstar was demanding just a month ago.

"We do have a lot of equity in it and it's very little owed on the home, so we definitely did not want to lose it to foreclosure," Charles said.

Not wanting to lose the home he has invested in for the last 22 years, Charles got in touch with me, and I reached out to Nationstar.

"They did more than I expected and I have you to be thankful for that," Charles said.

Nationstar got rid of thousands of dollars worth of late fees and attorney fees; Charles just had to make the past payments owed in one lump sum to avoid the foreclosure process, which he did and he is back in good standing with his mortgage company.

"I really think without your advocacy and really getting on Nationstar this would never have happened as quickly as it had. And I wish we could package you and put you in all parts of the country and help other consumers, but you've been a great help to us, a blessing," Charles said.

A rep with Nationstar said it is their policy that all payments must be made in one lump sum, but he cannot be sure that was communicated to Charles when he made those three separate payments, so they did make this exception since he had the full amount in by the due date.

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