Troubleshooter Diane Wilson investigates LED lights


"I was watching TV, you know, and BANG and then a crash," said Henry Naylor.

Henry thought one of his cats caused the commotion, but when he got up, he discovered a bulb from one of his LEDs was on the kitchen floor, when he looked up, he saw the LED exposed with no cover.

"The light was still on, it was still working," he said.

The glass has a silicone coating around it, so even though it fell from the ceiling that glass did not shatter everywhere, but Henry says he was still concerned.

"It does bother me that I've got over 20 of those bulbs in the house, in use," he said.

"You don't want these in your kitchen, or your bedroom, or in your children's [bedroom], or if you're having people, company over and one explodes in the living room," he added.

Henry went online to to file a report and found a similar complaint to his.

He reached out to Cree, who under their warranty sent Henry another LED. Nevertheless, he says he still wanted to know if there is a problem with the LEDs, so he reached out to me.

"If I didn't say something about it then that would be wrong. I mean you've got to let people know if there's a problem," he said.

I got in touch with Cree and representatives welcomed us to one of their Triangle plants, and gave us a tour of how their LEDs are made.

They also assured us there was not a problem with the lights.

"Unfortunately product failures happen, you know knock on wood, it's pretty rare for us," said Mike Watson, Vice President of Corporate Marketing with Cree.

Mike tells me the bulb did not explode; rather it appears the glass globe detached from the base of the bulb and fell to the floor.

"While we do have the rare failure, it did slip out into Henry's hands, and that's unfortunate. What Henry did was the right thing as a consumer, he contacted Cree's customer service," Mike said.

Cree executives took it a step further when it comes to Henry.

"[Cree] visited his house and replaced every other bulb he had and he's pretty happy. That's the type of service we want to provide our customers," Mike said.

Henry tells me he was shocked with the two dozen LEDs Cree gave him and that they made a trip to his home.

"They fixed the problem and they're honest about it," he said.

"I think Cree did the right thing, I want to thank them for that," he added.

Henry was so happy with how Cree executives responded; he replaced 15 more of his lights with Cree's LEDs.

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