North Carolina State University student robbed of 74 cents


Freshman Alyssa Padmos was mugged, and the accused suspect only got away with 74 cents.

The attack happened Saturday near campus in the 2400 of Hillsborough Street.

Padmos told ABC11 that the incident has left her shaken and afraid.

"This man came up to me grabbed me, pulled me in, and put his arms around me," said Padmos. "He told me he needed money and, to get him to get off of me cause he was still holding onto me at this point, I got out all the change in my wallet I could get."

Minutes later, police arrested Michael Anthony Koward. He's charged with common law robbery.

Although Koward didn't have a weapon, investigators felt the teen was threatened because he grabbed her and then followed her until Padmos called 911, and hid in a store until police arrived.

Koward remains behind bars on a $15,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Padmos said says she won't walk alone any more around campus, not even in the daylight.

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