This photographer made friends with meerkats, and it's even cuter than you think.

He's photographed a lot of scary animals, like lions and leopards. During his most recent photography trip, though, the wildlife was a different kind of wild.

Burrard-Lucas spent six days hanging out with meerkats, and they turned out to be more adventurous than you might expect.

"It certainly surprised me how much the meerkats seemed to want to climb on me," he said. "They used me as a lookout post but also they sometimes just seemed to enjoy sitting on me because it was comfy."

Meerkats try to get as high as they can, Burrard-Lucas explains in his blog post about the trip. This helps them detect predators.

When a meerkat on the lookout spots a threat and needs to warn the others, it barks. As if they couldn't get any cuter.

While we're sure it was cool to turn into a human lookout post for the adult meerkats, can you guess the part of his trip we're most jealous of?

That's right, the babies.

The best part is the three-week-olds wanted to be friends.

"The babies took a couple of days to build up their confidence," he said, "but by the end they were completely fearless of me."

Watch Burrard-Lucas talk about his latest (and, dare we say, cutest) project below:

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