Local runners mark marathon bombing anniversary


Raleigh's Celia Mitchell was running on Boylston Street toward the finish line when a bomb went off last year.

Mitchell is one of several local runners who plan on running Monday's Boston Marathon.

They were also raising money for the cause Tuesday evening in Raleigh.

A steady drizzle and dropping temperatures couldn't keep a crowd from making a messy two-and-a-half mile run Tuesday evening. It was a way for the Hibernian Harriers run club to raise money for the Boston One fund.

"We just wanted to show our support for the people of Boston, for the first responders, for all the people affected last year," said Jim Micheels, with Raleigh Running Outfitters.

The run came as hundreds of survivors of last year's Boston race gathered to honor those killed and wounded during the bombings.

"I was scared to be honest with you. I was scared," said Mitchell.

The images burned in Mitchell's mind are ones she'll never forget. She was just strides from completing her third Boston Marathon when she heard a big boom.

"I was actually about 30 yards from the first bomb on Boylston Street finishing -- trying to finish the race -- and then the second bomb went off right behind me about 10 seconds later," said Mitchell.

She sprinted across the finish line and beyond the scene seeking safety while others scrambled in all directions, probably fearing what could happen next.

"I looked back, and I saw debris, and things in the street that I knew just wasn't something I had witnessed before," said Mitchell.

A runner's dream, turned to a nightmare that day. One year later it is a rallying cry. Boston Strong is an opportunity to share, celebrate and show resilience.

"If anything, it has encouraged people to go back and support the cause, and do what they're passionate about," said Raleigh's John Podolak.

Mitchell said is running Monday for those who can no longer run.

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