Nurseries, homeowners take steps to protect plants from freezing temps


The calendar says spring is here, but outside it feels like winter.

"It's certainly an inconvenience," said Joshua Logan, with the Logan Trading Company.

Business at the nursery has been booming -- full of people buying plants, flowers, and sprucing up for spring.

Just this week, Joshua Logan says they had several truckloads of green on the way, but he paused that delivery due to back-to-back freeze warnings.

So, instead of unpacking plants, they're taking cover.

"We've got this breathable cloth," said Logan. "Tonight, we'll pull it over on top of the plant and anchor it down."

Trees and shrubs can survive in the cold, but any flowers or smaller plants you can't bring inside, or tuck away, you need to cover.

"Anything that has a flower on it, the flowers are very tender," said Logan. "So that's the part of the plant you're looking to protect."

Logan says they use what's similar to cheese cloth to cover the plants, but a bed sheet will do the trick as well.

If you have to use a plastic tarp, he says to make sure to pull it off before sunrise. Otherwise, you'll be cooking your plants.

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