Woman's tax refund gobbled by unpaid tickets


"I'm not that person. Those are not my parking citations. So disappointed, very disappointed," she said.

The past-due tickets are from UNC from August of 2003. While Mary's name is on the tickets, the address and license plate number for the tickets don't belong to Mary. They're really for another Mary Thompson who lives in Durham.

"I went to the accountant at UNC and gave her the documentation, showing her my driver's license, letting her know that she had the wrong person," said Mary.

Mary even gave UNC proof showing all of the cars she owned, and how none of the license plates matched the one on the tickets.

"I used to do some work for UNC, and that's how they got my name.  They just pulled it, and um, I guess they, when they saw my address, they just thought 'well, we'll give it to her. Let her pay for it,'" said Mary.

Despite all that documentation, Mary says the state still took $105 of her tax refund for the unpaid parking tickets.

"I hope that this problem will get resolved so I can move on. I'm retired and I want to enjoy retirement," said Mary.

I got in touch with UNC, and UNC admitted the mistake.  They sent Mary a check for $105. Mary's glad she didn't give up.

"Thank you so much for helping me through this process," she said. "I have an 8-year-old, and I have taught her never to give up. Always fight for what you believe in, and if you're in the right, pursuit it."

A rep with UNC thanked us for bringing this to their attention and said unfortunately miscommunications like this arise and they were more than happy to rectify it.

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