Woman narrowly escapes truck crashing into Chicago grocery store


Witnesses say a Ford pickup truck hit two other vehicles in the intersection, then careened into the front of the store.

The woman, who was buying lottery tickets from a vending machine near the site of impact, was pinned against a wall by the truck. She was transferred to a local hospital, though her injuries are not believed to be serious.

"I just heard a lot of screeching coming out, and he went straight into the store. I heard a lady crying out, 'Help, help.' Her leg was pinned. I tried to help but we didn't want to make the situation any worse," said Al Zayyad, the store's manager.

Zayyad said only one woman was in the front of the store at the time of the crash, but four others, including the drivers of the other two vehicles, were also taken to area hospitals.

No one was injured seriously in the crash.

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