I-Team: Family says deputy hit child on bike


The victim's father said he wants an apology.

Makayla Marlow was riding her pink "Hello Kitty" bike a few weeks ago when the family says a deputy, who is their neighbor, hit the girl with an unmarked county vehicle.

She only suffered some skinned knees. Her mother said at the time she went up to the deputy and demand an apology, but never got one.

The family told the I-Team that all they got were inappropriate comments, and no investigation. They are very frustrated.

"He should have stopped his vehicle, waited for them to continue, or said, 'I'm going there,' and made sure everything was clear," said the girl's father, Michael Marlow, "but he decides to accelerate around Makayla's bike and knocked her front tire."

ABC11 reached out to the sheriff's department twice on Wednesday along with the district attorney's office. We never heard back from the sheriff's office regarding the deputy's alleged action.

The district attorney sent a press release saying there was not enough evidence to warrant any criminal charges. The charges filed by the family at the magistrate were dismissed.

ABC11 tried to talk to the deputy, but he didn't want to answer any of our questions.

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