Two arrests in theft of Durham police officer's gear, puppy


Christopher Reina, 18, of Broad Street, was arrested Thursday evening. He is charged with breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, felony larceny of a dog, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of stolen goods.

Jorge Flores Benitez, 19, is charged with breaking and entering, attempted breaking and entering, conspiracy, larceny, and possession of stolen goods.

Police say they have recovered most of the police equipment belonging to the officer. However, there are a few uniform shirts still missing. The officer's puppy is also still missing.

Reina told police that he gave the puppy to an unknown family in the parking lot of Beauty World in the 1400 block of Avondale Drive.

Investigators are asking that the puppy be returned. It takes prescribed medication and has been without his medication for three days. Investigators said that the people who have the puppy now are not in trouble or facing charges for having the puppy.

The investigation into the burglary is still ongoing.

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