UNC Police search for suspect in Carolina Inn break-in


Authorities believe he's also the same guy who followed a student into a dorm.

UNC students said they received an alert on their phones via text and email.

"After I got that text message last night I got pretty nervous," said Whitney Adams, a junior, referring to a campus-wide alert for a man who, campus police say, followed a student Friday night into Craige Hall.

Which is apparently easy, and common enough, at least among students.

"If I'm going to a friend's dorm, if I don't have a key I can just follow someone in," said Megan Buckland, who is also a junior.

After these incidents in the Chapel Hill community, Adams and Buckland try to make sure they remain together when walking around on campus. They live in the dorm right beside Craige Hall.

"If he's in the area, I'm kind of nervous that he could walk into our building as well," Adams said.

But police don't say their suspect is a student. The man left when asked to leave the dorm.

Police believe he's also their guy for the break-in Saturday night.

No details from police on the break in at the Inn.

So far, no violence has been reported.

But students like Buckland and Adams would like to see this resolved.

Police have released a description of the suspect. Police say he is 20 to 30 years old, and was wearing a UNC baseball cap, along with a dark blue windbreaker, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt.

He was also carrying a white Carolina laundry bag.

If you have any information, call campus police.

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