Parents fight for crosswalk improvements on one Fayetteville street


Parents want a much more visible crosswalk stripes and signs on Fisher Road than what they have now. They also would like to see an officer on duty there when students use the crosswalk.

"No one should be out there dodging cars when they are crossing the road," said parent Kathleen Fisher.

Fisher said that's exactly what happened three weeks ago as her fourth grade daughter was in the school crosswalk near her home.

When Fisher started making calls, all she got was a runaround.

"I've been told, for the most part, somebody has to be hit and killed before something is done," said Fisher.

The crosswalk is near Honeycutt Elementary School. Parents said traffic is heavy, and even when a crossing guard is on duty, some motorists don't even slow down.

"She is out there with a stop sign and the cars whiz by," said parent Eric See. "They think they can beat it. They see kids coming up. They think there is time. They gun it, and go."

Assistant School Superintendent Tim Kinlaw said crossing guards are on duty an hour in the morning and for an hour in the afternoon. He said because Fisher Road is so busy, students who live across the road can catch a school bus instead of walking.

"The transportation is just for normal bell times, and it is not provided for after school activities," said Kinlaw.

Kinlaw said school officials have not had any requests for additional crossing guards.

Fisher said sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes for her children to get across the road. She and her neighbors say if something isn't done, then the crosswalk is a tragedy just waiting to happen.

"I don't think a child should be put in danger before something is done," said Fisher.

"It's potentially very, very dangerous, and nobody wants to see a situation where kids are in harm's way," said See.

Parents said they are thankful no students have been hit crossing this road. Fisher plans to contact county commissioners, and DOT engineers. She said she will even take her appeal to the board of education.

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