VIRAL VIDEO: Chapel Hill baby knows almost every car model by heart

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Most men love cars and 1-year-old Chapel Hill resident, Nicholas Drake is no exception! (WTVD)

Most men love cars and 1-year-old Chapel Hill resident, Nicholas Drake is no exception!

His mother, Julie said his passion for cars started when he was just 6-months-old.

"The first time he saw a toy car he got so excited and just had to have it," she said. "He wasn't crawling yet but that didn't stop him from wiggling his way over to get it."

She said his love for cars only grew as he could talk.

"As soon as he could talk, all he wanted to talk about was cars or 'car-cars' as he likes to call them," said Julie.

And his parents say he hasn't stopped since.

Nicholas knows so much about cars that he can name hundreds of car brands, makes, models, and other information like where they're made.

In an adorable video the family shared to their Youtube Channel, Nicholas is sitting on his father's lap, rattling off car names as they appear on a laptop in front of him.

In one part of the video, Luke, Nicholas' father, shows him the Ferrari logo.

"Ferrari go fast," Nicholas exclaims.

In another video, Nicholas sees the Porsche logo and says, "Stuttgart." His dad then asks, "What's made in Stuttgart?" "Porsche," Nicholas exclaims.

Nicholas' videos have become so popular that they've been shared by multiple Facebook pages and have almost 9 million views.

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When he was about 18-months-old, his family took a trip to Charleston and Julie said that's where his knowledge of cars began.

"As we walked around the charming streets of downtown Charleston, he would touch each car we walked by, and ask us what it was," said Julie. "So, my husband started teaching him the makes and models and he absorbed everything. He was fascinated. It became a really great father/son bonding activity as they spent time each evening looking at pictures of cars on Luke's computer. They would snuggle up in our bed and Nicholas would have a look of pure joy on his face the whole time, it was so cute!"

Julie said Nicholas remembered the name of each car they looked at and even began requesting "car lullabies."

"He even started teaching me," said Julie. "One time, we were walking through the mall and he pointed at an Alfa Romeo on display and said 'Alfa Romeo' in his 1-year-old voice. I didn't know what an Alfa Romeo was, so I had to get a closer look and sure enough, he was right!"

Julie said Nicholas now wants to learn all about motorcycles.
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