VIDEO: Jake the 'Diamond Dog' delivers water to umpires mid-game

FORT WAYNE, Indiana -- Jake the "Diamond Dog" claims to be 'the best damn dog in professional baseball', and footage from his Monday appearance at Parkview Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana, definitely backs up that claim.

ABC 21 sports anchor Zach Groth tweeted a video of Jake carrying a basket filled with water bottles to the umpire during the Fort Wayne Tincaps 5-1 victory over the South Bend Cubs.

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In the video, Jake waits patiently for the umpires to finish their drinks before exiting the field. Adorable right?

When the Diamond Dog isn't keeping umpires hydrated he can be seen delivering the game ball to the pitcher, shagging foul balls, playing batboy, catching Frisbees, and honoring the Sweetheart of the Game.

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