Best deals for you: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

It's two of the biggest shopping days of the year are upon us: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But which day will offer you the best savings?

There are lots of deals on both days, but you should prioritize buying to save the most money. There are so many advertised deals it's hard to know the right time to buy.

According to Kristin McGrath with the best bets for Black Friday are big-ticket items like TVs.

"TV's are a huge Black Friday tradition, you want to be a little careful, because sometimes retailers offer like really cheap prices on very cheap Black Friday only derivative model, so you need to research and make sure what you're getting," McGrath said.

Toys will also fill retailers' ads. McGrath said, "The earlier, the better with toys, especially if it's a very popular toy because this is the time of year when everyone's shopping for toys. If you see it on Black Friday--if it's a popular toy--it might not even be on sale, lock it in if you can."

When it comes to gaming consoles many bundle packages are offered on Black Friday. These are some of the most sought-after gifts, especially the newest systems so expect shoppers to camp out overnight to snag a console as retailers will have a limited number in stock.

When it comes to what to buy on Cyber Monday, McGrath said you can find online deals when it comes to looking good.

"There's a lot of beauty and clothing retailer sites with promo codes that we tend to see on Cyber Monday and those are great because you get a discount off your entire cart," McGrath said.

Cyber Monday you'll also likely find deals on technology, like laptops and desktops.

If you're looking for travel deals, you're in luck to find great offers all Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

"Travel sellers are kind of running deals the entire weekend. So if you don't have time to shop travel on Thanksgiving or Black Friday because you're busy doing other things, there'll be plenty of deals on Cyber Monday," McGrath said.

Other items you'll find deals on throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend are gift cards, as many retailers are offering bonus cards if you buy a certain amount. reports you can also find deals on smart home assistants like Amazon's Echo and Google Home. If you're looking to get a new phone, deals will be offered on Black Friday through Cyber Monday.
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