How to make sure you're getting the lowest price when shopping this holiday season

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021
How to get the lowest price when shopping this holiday season
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Don't fall for fake discounting. Make sure that deal is really as good as it looks.

Many Black Friday deals are out already, but how do you know if you're getting the best price?

Before you buy this holiday season, what you need to remember is it's easy to say 50%, even 60% off, but do your research to make sure you are really saving that much money.

When an item is listed for sale, make sure you know the true original price of that item.

"A price that seems like a deal--it'll say 53% off (for example)--but that original price is not a true original price. So people should really use things like price comparison apps, and maybe track an item over time. See specifically what you want to buy instead of falling for something that looks like a deal," Chandra Steele with PCMag said.

This practice is known as fake discounting. There are several price tracking apps that not only keep track of the previous price history but also will notify you when the price drops.

Some of the apps will even let you know if there is a coupon code. ShopSavvy is an app where you can scan or search for items and see how much they are in-store or online. Camel, Camel, Camel is a free Amazon price tracker that will send you alerts when prices drop.

Also, don't forget retailers will often price match it for you. If you find the exact item, for a lower cost, it never hurts to ask if you can get the lower price.