Police: Man intentionally drove car into NC restaurant, killed daughter and one other person

BESSEMER CITY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Two people died and several were injured after a car crashed into a Bessemer City restaurant.

The car ran into the Surf and Turf Lodge on North 14th Sreet in Bessemer City.

Police said the driver of the car, Roger Self, intentionally crashed into the restaurant.

Roger Self

Credit: WSOC

Police also reported that Self took his family into the restaurant and sat them down. Shortly after, he went back to his vehicle and drove at a high rate of speed into the spot they were sitting.

Officials said they are still unsure as to whether or not he sat them down at that particular table on purpose.

Caleb Martin, who is 14 years old and buses tables at the restaurant, witnessed the incident.

"I walked over to my station and I heard a loud boom," he said. "It went straight through. There's a doorway. There is a wall and he drove in another room."

Officers said one of the victims identified was Self's daughter, Katelyn Self, 26, who worked with the Gaston County Sheriff's Office.

This is an ongoing story. ABC11 will update as we receive new information.
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