Car slams into newly purchased North Carolina home, driver takes off

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Car slams into newly purchased North Carolina home
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"I thought it was a joke," the homeowner couldn't believe what had happened to her new home.

CANDLER, N.C. (WTVD) -- A security camera caught a driver crash into a newly purchased home in Buncombe County, North Carolina.

It happened Aug. 3, exactly one day after Ellores Brailey closed on the house.

The road where the home is located has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour, but neighbors said drivers constantly speed through the area.

The video shows a driver get out of the crashed car, walk around the crash site momentarily and then get back into the car and drive off.

Brailey was shocked when she learned her new home had been significantly damaged.

"I thought it was a joke, that someone ran into my living room," Brailey said in an interview with area ABC affiliate WLOS. "I just couldn't believe it. I don't know what can be done legally, but they should not be driving, impaired or whatever."

It's now unclear when Brailey will be able to move into her home.

"I'm just really nervous about other people that go really fast down that road and the possibility of this happening again," Brailey said.

As for the driver, they still have not been arrested or even identified.