Surveillance video shows man urinating on front porch in Durham

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Woodlake homeowners in Durham are on guard after reports of someone urinating on front porches.

In one incident, a young man was caught on a home surveillance camera urinating on the front steps, knocking on the door, and running away.

Some neighbors think it could be a prank, but others are more concerned.

"I just don't want people coming up and doing dirty, nasty, annoying things on my front porch," said Teri Blackmore.

"It's someone who doesn't have respect for other people's property and just maybe a little bit mentally ill," said David Wait, who's lived in Woodlake for 25 years and doesn't recognize the culprit.

He's ordered a home surveillance camera since video of the disturbing incident first surfaced on the Nextdoor app.

Durham police told ABC11 they're investigating that incident and another just like it at another home in Woodlake from the night of Nov. 23.

They're hoping someone will recognize the man's face in the video. Investigators plan to charge the individual with vandalism.

Anyone with information on the cases should contact Sgt. Garcia at (919) 560-4415, ext. 29305 .
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