Survey in mail claims if you don't respond you're violating federal law -- it's legit

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Letter from Census Test is legit
It might look like junk mail, but it's not.

Triangle residents are getting a survey in the mail that claims you are required by law to respond.

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It's called the 2019 Census Test - and it is legitimate.

According to the Census Bureau, results will be used to measure self-response rates and possible operational impacts of a citizenship question being included on the 2020 Census.

It asks whether you are or are not a US citizen. One test form asks the question; the other does not. The US Supreme Court is expected to rule whether the bureau can legally ask that question.

The letters ask you to go online to answer questions; if you can't do it online, they will send in a paper questionnaire. It's important to know; this isn't the actual census, which takes place in 2020.

Approximately 480,000 of these surveys were sent out nationwide. If you get one and don't respond; a census worker could come to your door to do the survey in person.

If someone shows up at your door, sends you an email or calls you and you question whether they are an employee with the US Census Bureau, you can confirm they are with the Census Bureau by entering their name here.