ECU senior's website promoting minority-owned businesses on college campuses born out of COVID-19 pandemic, BLM movement

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- ECU senior Kenny Roach started Colorful Desires to promote minority-owned businesses around the campus in Greenville. Now, Roach is planning to expand to other campus communities, such as NCCU and NC State University.

Roach gets the word out through his website and social media.

"Starting out, I wanted to hit these colleges businesses, these smaller college businesses where if you were to have a platform, a marketplace or a directory, these businesses wouldn't typically be on there," Roach said.

Colorful Desires was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement.


"I felt like I was smart enough to come up with a way to help our people in this fight for equality and just the enhancement of our people and so when I was able to sit back, you know, quarantine brought me enough time to really sit back and plot a plan to create this website and just have a platform for our people, for our businesses," Roach said.

Chris Fuller, of Just Not Just Clothing, showed ABC11 shirts he's producing.

"I got the Breonna Taylor," Fuller said. "I got a voting T-shirt. Everybody needs to go out and vote. Voting is very important."

Just Not Just was highlighted by Colorful Desires.

"Colorful Desires has built my brand locally in the city of Greenville," Fuller said.

Roach's goal is for his platform to feature minority-owned businesses around every college in North Carolina and the United States.

"I'm starting to sell hoodies, Colorful Desires hoodies, I'm selling Colorful Desires face masks, Colorful Desires wristbands," Roach said.
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