Bride gets new wedding date after alerting troubleshooter to venue refusing to reschedule during COVID-19 pandemic

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Friday, March 27, 2020
ABC11 helps bride get new wedding date during COVID-19 pandemic
It's supposed to be one of the best days in their lives, but now COVID-19 is impacting many triangle couples getting married.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It's supposed to be one of the best days in their lives, but now COVID-19 is impacting many triangle couples getting married.

While most wedding venues we talked with are letting couples reschedule weddings in the next couple of weeks, we found at least one venue where they wanted the "I do's" to go on as planned.

Shana Longsworth and her fiance have been saving and planning for their April 4th wedding for the last year.

"I was hoping for the wedding of my dreams a fairy tale wedding," Longsworth said.

They found the perfect venue for what they envisioned at the Barclay Villa in Angier, but then COVID-19 hit.

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However, representatives at the Barclay Villa still wanted the wedding for Longsworth along with other couples to go on.

"She's not willing to be flexible with cancellation or any kind of rescheduling. She's saying she doesn't have any dates remaining the rest of the year," Longsworth said.

The original guest list for Longsworth was set at more than 100 people, but now with the coronavirus and the state order that bans all gatherings with more than 10 people, Longsworth was forced to cut her guest list.

"I have to shave half my guest count down to fifty, and then people are terrified to even come, so I don't even have twenty people who are willing to congregate in this environment as they are terrified of this virus."

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While some of her vendors are still willing to take part in her wedding next week, it will be tough for Longsworth to look like she envisioned on her wedding day.

"There are no salons that are going to be open; the stylists are not going to be able to style our hair for the bridal party, our nails, anything that is essential for getting ready for the wedding we are not going to be able to do," she said.

The most heartbreaking reality for Longsworth is not having the people closest to her at the wedding.

"I have elderly parents who have grandparents who chipped in to help pay for the wedding they are not even able to come, flights are getting canceled."

Longsworth contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson for help and was hopeful the owner at the Barclay Villa would reconsider.

"I would love for them to be flexible on rescheduling this is just going to be a tragedy that my loved ones can't be there, it's only going to happen one time," she said.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson did reach out to the Barclay Villa and did not hear back from anyone. The good news is that representatives at the Barclay Villa then got in touch with Longsworth and let her know she can reschedule her April 4th wedding.

She now has a new wedding date of July 11th. Longsworth thanked Troubleshooter Diane Wilson for getting involved and says she's beyond ecstatic plus now has a few more months to plan her big day.

"I'm making sure every detail is what I imagined in my dreams."

The North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said his office wants to hear from people who have trouble with businesses during COVID-19 not being flexible. If you have an issue, you should contact his office and file a complaint.