Heavy rain leads to power outages, risky road conditions in Cumberland County

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Storm leads to power outages, risky roads in Cumberland County
About 1,200 people lost power in Cumberland County.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Heavy rain created tough driving conditions in Cumberland and Hoke counties on Tuesday. People in the area who were affected by the conditions urged others to take cautions to protect themselves.

The heaviest rain came down during the evening rush hour, leading to some downed trees in the area.

LaTonya Jefferies of Fayetteville said going out to the supermarket was a risk. She said the rain was bad; but then, so were some other drivers.

"I wish they would slow down," Jefferies said. "We tend to have a lot of people that run lights and things of that nature, and anytime that we have bad weather, it's like people tend to pick up speed vs. slowing down."

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The weather also led to power outages, as the State Department of Public Safety said about 1,200 people lost power in Cumberland County alone.

Ryan Morris of Fayetteville said he ended up flooding his car during a major storm a few years ago. He urged drivers not to underestimate the dangers of driving in the rain and to take weather alerts seriously.

"Pay attention because the information they're giving us is for our safety," Morris said. "The weather really can change the outcome of anything."

The weather also affected city and county offices, as many government offices closed early Tuesday while Cumberland County Schools resorted to remote learning. On Wednesday, CCS will resume in-person learning but there will be a two-hour delay as another caution for ongoing poor road conditions in the morning.