'I want to get home:' Cary mom frustrated by construction in Research Triangle Park

Josh Chapin Image
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (WTVD) -- A Cary mom frustrated by her commute has had enough.

"I want to get home to my family," Kelley Chapman said. "I think everybody else does too, and I think they want to do it safely."

Chapman has commuted to and from Research Triangle Park for 21 years. She said that since November, a project along Davis Drive has taken out one lane, making the afternoon commute a nightmare.

"I don't know what the ultimate goal is or when it's supposed to be done," Chapman said. "I think it's a walking lane or a bike lane but it's not entirely clear."

Chapman has changed the time she leaves work now because of the backup -- pushing her time by at least an hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

"There's a pile of rock that literally has grass growing on it," she said. "I've seen a lot of construction and that doesn't look good."

She said she understands there will always be rush-hour traffic but said she wants to know when the project will be completed.

Other RTP professionals said they agreed.

"It seems to have lasted forever," said Michael Keefe, who works in RTP and lives in Apex. "There has to have been months where there was absolutely no work being done."

RTP has not responded to requests for comment for this story.