Second security guard witnessed fatal shooting of NCCU student, according to search warrants

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Newly released search warrants provide more information about the night an NC Central student was shot and killed during a struggle with a security guard.

According to the search warrants, another security guard witnessed the struggle before the fatal shot was fired.

Ballard was shot and killed Sept. 17 at Campus Crossing Apartments.

Ballard lived at those apartments and the security guard who shot him worked there.

The security guard mentioned in the search warrants said he first realized something was going on when he heard a door slam. He then turned to see the other security guard and Ballard fighting.

According to the search warrant, the witness remembered "hearing (the security guard) pleading with the unknown male while appearing to be overpowered for his gun and sounding unusually fearful."

The witness began running toward the other security guard but then heard a single gunshot and saw Ballard dropping to the ground.

Ballard died at the hospital from the gunshot wound. He was set to graduate next year.

Ballard's loved ones said they don't believe the security guard acted in self-defense.

NC Detective Agency, which employed the security guards at the apartment complex, said Ballard's death is the first deadly encounter for the agency and for the security guard, who has been employed for 15 years.

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