Democrats fume over McCrory's travel bill to defend HB2

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016
HB2 travel
Democrats criticize governor over travel expenses.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- State Democrats are enraged after learning two trips Gov. Pat McCrory took to the nation's capital, where he appeared on national news programs to defend House Bill 2, were paid for by taxpayers.

"It should not be one more thing," said North Carolina Democratic Party Chairperson Patsy Keever.

Democrats have filed an open records requests to see how much money was spent.

"We should not be adding this kind of money, this kind of travel expense," said Keever. "Apparently he was up there campaigning, when he ought to be working with the Department of Justice to find a solution."


Democrats say they've asked for information on the Governor's travel expenses in support of HB2.

McCrory traveled to Washington D.C., on April 17 for "Meet the Press" and May 8 for "Fox News Sunday."

Republicans fired back and said McCrory was within his right.

"It's certainly appropriate for him to go speak to a national television station," said North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse. "Since nobody else is doing their job and standing up for the laws of North Carolina, the Governor has to do so."

Woodhouse's remarks alluded to NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, who has refused to legally defend HB2 against outside interests.

The Governor's Office tells ABC11 money was not spend on hotel rooms during either of the trips.

"The governor will continue to proudly do his job in fulfilling the role and responsibility of his oath of office," said spokesperson Josh Ellis.

McCrory is being sued over House Bill 2.

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The controversial law bans transgender people for using the bathroom they associate with inside public buildings.

The United States Justice Department asserts HB2 is in direct violation of the Civil Rights Act and is pushing for a repeal. An estimate $4.5 billion in federal education funding is on the line.

On Wednesday, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce came out in opposition of HB2. The Chamber has 35,000 members who employs 1.26 million workers statewide.

"We must continue to focus on legislation and public policy that stimulates job growth and economic development," said North Carolina Chamber President & CEO Lewis Ebert.

McCrory has filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department to keep HB2 on the books.

"I think it should concern all us that we have a governor who is not working with the Department of Justice, who is not working with the people of North Carolina, who is costing the state billions of dollars," Keever said. "The backlash on this has been incredible."

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