Boy celebrates birthday with city after losing both parents

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Family, friends and loved ones celebrated a special little boy's fifth birthday with a drive-by car parade on Saturday in San Antonio.

Raiden Gonzalez lost both of his parents to COVID-19, just 100 days apart, and community members wanted to make the day memorable for him.

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Before the party started, Raiden rode around with firefighters in one of the city's fire trucks.

Party guests later drove by in trucks and cars, honking their messages of Happy Birthday to him.

Raiden even got a visit from Batman and a family of dinosaurs.

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Family members who organized the celebration wanted him to feel love and support, even if his parents couldn't be there to celebrate with him.

They've also set up a GoFundMe for funeral expenses for his parents and anything Raiden and his caregiver, his grandma, might need.
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