Duke football coach Cutcliffe proud of players' response to uncertainty of season amid COVID-19 pandemic in North Carolina

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- As colleges students across the country return to campuses athletic programs are doing all they can to keep their players safe and healthy in hopes of saving their seasons.

"I think we have found that the transmissions really occur in living spaces probably globally more than any other place," said Duke football coach, David Cutcliffe. "Our guys are in individual rooms and they're doing a good job of going to school and playing football. Whether we can continue that, we'll see. But I think we're all doing the right thing."


Coach Cutcliffe says they've been testing twice a week to try and stay on top of it and he's proud of his players for taking the situation so seriously.

"Well, really knock on wood on this one," said Cutcliffe. "You know, I think our players have done an excellent job of being committed to the protocol and being committed to each other. It's hard work you know, there's no magic formula. It's what every sign you walk by in this building says - great personal hygiene, wear your mask, stay six feet apart. We've gone to great lengths to live that in this building. I'm proud to say people tell me they see our players outside in a parking lot and they're wearing a mask. They're in a car with each other and they're wearing a mask. It just takes a lot of work. Takes some good fortune. But I am very proud of our staff and our players. They really bought into this."

As of right now, the Blue Devils kick off their season in three weeks at Notre Dame. With such a short preseason Cutcliffe said one of his biggest concerns is making sure the team is properly conditioned come game time.

"We've had really good work," he said. "It's a unique time for everyone. I have no complaints.I like this team. I like the speed on this team. I like their physical spirit and attitude."
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