Deadline approaching for new financial assistance program in Carrboro

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Deadline approaching for new Carrboro financial assistance program
Tomorrow is the last day to apply for a program that could help people suffering from financial hardship.

CARRBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- The deadline for the Town of Carrboro's new financial assistance program is Wednesday.

Carrboro town leaders set aside about $150,000 and launched a pilot project to help families in need of housing, childcare, transportation and utility bills. For housing and utilities, an applicant can receive up to $6,000. For childcare and transportation needs a resident can be approved for $1,500.

Anita Jones McNair, Chief Race and Equity Officer for the Town of Carrboro, is leading the charge on the program. She said the communication and engagement team has placed fliers on businesses and apartment buildings advertising the program to get the word out.

"We all need assistance from a time or two," she said, "so we appreciate the fact that we have funding to do just that for our community."

So far, 19 applicants have been approved for funding, and the program has helped prevent eviction for four Carrboro families.

"When I call and say we got your application, you are approved and we are working on making sure we can get you up-to-date," she said. "You can hear the relief you can hear them being so appreciative. Knowing that their community, the Town of Carrboro, is there to help them."

You can grab the application here.

The program is a partnership with the Town of Carrboro Racial Equity Commission, Race and Equity team, Housing and Community Services Department, and the Orange County Department of Social Services.