Fayetteville woman pleads with thief to return stolen hard drive containing photos of her children

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Heather Pope's home was burglarized last week. Thieves stole cameras, a television, laptop, hard drive and other items.

The hard drive contains priceless memories which are thousands of pictures of her children.

The high school arts teacher crafted a message to the thieves on two poster boards that are posted outside her home.

"I feel like I needed to speak to whoever that was and let you know. That device was very important to me. You took that from me," said Pope.

"There's pictures of my kids at birth. I've photographed them up until the day they were born until now. They are my pride and joy. Things I can't take with me to the grave, but memories. Just being able to see them visually."

She crafted the sign up Sunday and it's drawn the attention of neighbors and drivers passing by.

Now local residents are stepping up to help.

"We've had people taking pictures. My wife put you on Facebook right away just pleading with folks to keep their eyes open in the area," said neighbor Justin Verlinger.

Pope is planning to leave the signs up until the hard drive is returned. She's going to search her yard every day and hope the thieves hear her plea.

"I'll never see that again. Even if they take the device and throw it on the front lawn and wiped it clean. There's a chance I can recover those pictures," said Pope.
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