Roof repair leaves Durham woman in the cold

DURHAM (WTVD) -- A new roof for Durham homeowner Mary Greene left her with an unexpected problem with her HVAC system.

"We weren't getting any heat," Greene said.

When she called her HVAC company, she says the man they sent quickly found the reason.

"He went up in the attic, and he hollered, 'I found your problem,' because there was a hole in the Freon line," she explained.

The HVAC company said that the leak was because a roofing nail was in the copper Freon line. This line was right below where the roofing work was done.

Greene called Stormtek, the company that placed the new roof on her home. She was not pleased with what happened next.

"We contacted the representative from that company, Stormtek. He came out, never went upstairs to see for himself."

Instead, he told Greene and her husband to take pictures of the damage and submit them to the company. Greene sent Stormtek the pictures, along with the report from her HVAC company and waited for a response.

"It had been so long never hearing anything back from them. And that is when I contacted the Troubleshooter," Greene explained.

I got in touch with the owner of Stormtek and he admitted they never looked at the problem. When I sent him the pictures and HVAC report, he agreed to cover the damages to the Greene's home. A check came in the mail that covered all of the HVAC repairs, totaling $450.

Greene was happy with the end result.

"It took some time, but you got it done."

Anytime work is done on your home, document everything. The minute you discover a problem, take pictures of the damages just like Green did. The more proof you have, the better your chances are at fighting it.

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