HVAC technicians in demand as dangerous heat sets in

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- On a night after temperatures soared over the region, Fayetteville resident Benjamin Fisher and his 5-year-old son had to stay cool without a working AC unit.

"We camped out on the living room floor," Fisher said. "Gave him my sleeping bag (to sleep on top of); I made a blanket mattress and slept on the floor last night."

But after it got fixed on Tuesday, Fisher hopes to sleep in his bedroom as dangerous heat sets in.

"I'm hoping so because I miss my bed already," Fisher said.

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Summer is the busiest time of year for companies that specialize in repairing HVAC units.

"If you look at how many hours your unit operates on a day like today, and compare it to a day maybe in the springtime or in the fall, it is a big difference in that," Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co. president Quentin Collins said.

With the ongoing supply chain issue, Collins said he is seeing shortages of higher efficiency units and equipment sizes. Still, he and his team are looking for alternatives in an effort to manage the workload in the best way possible.

Collins added tips for homeowners to save money when it's hot outside.

"Try to minimize how much heat load you're adding because it's already got an uphill battle," Collins said. "Keep your blinds closed," Collins said. "Try not to cook during the hot part of the day ... postpone using the clothes dryer, or cook after the sun goes down."

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