New eatertainment concept coming to Raleigh: Jaguar Bolera

ByLucy Collins WTVD logo
Monday, July 25, 2022
New eatertainment concept coming to Raleigh
Jaguar Bolera bringing eatertainment concept to Raleigh

The new eatertainment concept, Jaguar Bolera, is planning to open in Raleigh Iron Works next year.

Robert Thompson, creator of Jaguar Bolera, and president of Angevin & Co. is excited to bring this project to the area.

"This is Jaguar Bolera which is a large format eatertainment concept so we have social activations, such as duck pin bowling (full size lanes), makertainment, private karaoke rooms, but substantially we are a restaurant and a bar, so 80% of what we do is still food and beverage." Said Thompson as he showed the construction site where plans are currently underway.

The Raleigh area was carefully chosen for this new business and the name 'City of Oaks' will even influence the cuisine offered.

"We were looking for a site to launch our new national brand and Raleigh really was on our radar. We were looking for a site that had as much authenticity as what we hoped to bring to market. So this is a fabulous project here in the Raleigh-Durham area so we gravitated to it and started a conversation many months ago and just got started last week" Said Thompson.

Robert Thompson is hoping Jaguar Bolera will give people in the Raleigh area a new place and a new way to get out and have a good time.

"Jaguar is important just in that we don't have, here in the Raleigh area, a lot of what we call eatertainment, these large format places for folks to get together and gather socially over food and beverage." Said Thompson.

Not only is Jaguar Bolera seeking to add a new type of entertainment to Raleigh, they're also looking to bring a new type of cuisine.

"From a culinary standpoint we're really excited because we're marrying together Southern and Mexican, which have really exceptional flavor affinities, something that doesn't exist here in the trade area." Said Thompson.

Jaguar Bolera is planning to open at Raleigh Iron Works in 2023.