'We have to do it safely': Dr. Jill Biden says Joe Biden is the best candidate for educators during pandemic recovery

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- On Thursday, former second lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, met virtually with working parents in North Carolina. The roundtable discussion focused on the challenges parents face balancing work and distance learning for their kids at home.

Following the discussion, Dr. Biden went one-on-one with ABC11 about why she believes her husband, Joe Biden, is the right choice to lead the pandemic recovery and his plans to win battleground North Carolina in November.

"Nobody wants to be back in the classroom more than educators, but we have to do it safely and that's what Joe is going to offer," Jill Biden said.

As a longtime teacher herself, getting children back to school is at the top of Dr. Biden's list. She told a group of working parents in North Carolina that her husband, presidential candidate Joe Biden, is the one with a national plan to make it happen.

"I'm hearing from parents and educators every single day, but when Joe is elected president on November 3rd, parents can take a breath because they'll know someone is going to be in charge and help them make decisions about when and where and how to get back safely," Jill Biden said.

Dr. Biden says that her husband has a list of goals that he believes will improve our nation's schools.

"Joe is going to put a little more money into Title I schools. He's going to triple it, as a matter of fact, he's going to double the number of psychologists and school counselors. You know this has been so hard and so confusing for everyone," Jill Biden said.

The pandemic has also made campaigning harder as well, but Dr. Biden continues to play an important role in staying on message for the Biden-Harris campaign. She continues to be a champion for community colleges.

"I like to say that community colleges are America's best-kept secret and when my husband is president we're going to have free community college. We started that in the Obama-Biden administration," Jill Biden said.

Along with the Joining Forces Initiative in support of military families in the areas of education, health and wellness and employment.

"If I have the honor of being your next first lady, I will relaunch that program the day we're elected and do everything we had been doing and more," Jill Biden said.

Dr. Biden says they are not taking any votes for granted in North Carolina and expect to see more of the Biden-Harris campaign between now and November 3rd.
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