Share Your Heroes: Twin sisters serve as registered nurses in the Triangle

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Friday, July 24, 2020
Share Your Heroes: Twin sisters serve as registered nurses in the Triangle
These twin sisters are heroes; so let's celebrate them!

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Kendra Gause and Lendra Gause are twin sisters who serve as Registered Nurses in the Triangle.


"Kendra, you're a strong mom," cousin Dee Johnson-Thomas said. "You're a wife to be, you manage this job full-fledged"

"Lendra, you have so much life and so much energy," Johnson-Thomas said. "You go to work, you still come home and you would anybody the shirt off your back."

"These two girls, words just can not describe them and what they mean to our family and our community," said Natisha McKoy, the sisters' sister-in-law who submitted them for recognition.

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"If I could go back to the age of 29," the duo's mom Lee Gause-McNair said, "and have achieved everything they had with all of the obstacles that they have faced, I don't know if could have done that."

"I am very proud of my sisters for their hard work and their exception care of others during this pandemic that we are facing," said brother Terrance Gause, "Despite being graduates of UNC Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, and Watts Nursing School, they continue to strive to be the the best in their profession as well as just being good people."

"I always knew you would go on to do great things," their aunt Evelyn Johnson added.