Judge deems 'Ramsey Street Rapist' a risk to society, denies bond for some charges

FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- The 'Ramsey Street Rapist' made his first court appearance Thursday and police say this marks the end of a very dark era for the victims.

Darold Wayne Bowden's facial expressions suggested he was unfazed as the judge deemed him a risk to society.

He was issued no bond, for some of his charges, with the possibility of facing a maximum of 40 years behind bars.

Police used DNA from a family member of 43-year-old Bowden to link him to the string of rapes along Ramsey Street.

Police said the cold cases happened between 2006 and 2008.

District Attorney Billy West said this investigation might have taken more than 10 years to finally track down Bowden, but they found him just in time.

"We did during the course of the investigation as I said in court uncover evidence that he was planning to go out of state once he became aware of these allegations," said West.

Bowden's bond for other charges remains at $18.8 million.