Granville County mom in need of kidney learns anonymous living donor is giving her ultimate gift

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021
'Very thankful': Granville County mom getting life-saving kidney
After more than five years on the Duke transplant waiting list, Granville County's Katrina Paschall is finally getting the kidney she needs.

GRANVILLE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- After more than five years on the Duke transplant waiting list, a Granville County mom just got word she is finally getting the kidney she needs.

ABC11 first reported on Katrina Paschall's campaign for a kidney in February. Paschall started a Kidney For Katrina Facebook page, drove around with decals on her car, and put yard signs up to spread the word.

After the story aired, Paschall said several strangers reached out to her asking to help and she connected them with the Duke Transplant Center.

In August, Paschall received a call from her nurse coordinator that an anonymous donor has been matched and she will be receiving a kidney on Oct. 25.

"My hope is just to be able to finish school because I am in school as well and to travel," she said. "I'm really looking forward to it because I love the beach, and I love swimming; also being able to take my son on a trip without having to ... go and hook up and go to a center to have dialysis and interrupt the vacation time.

Paschall doesn't know if she will get to meet her donor. She is hoping her donor agrees to meet her after the surgery. Paschall plans to continue working to raise awareness about the importance of being an organ donor especially a living one.

"I'm thankful, just very thankful that someone was so selfless that they thought enough to donate and to give and to help save my life," she said. "I feel lucky and blessed to have this opportunity."