'Teacher Union thugs' are behind May 16 education rally, NC lawmaker says

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Monday, May 14, 2018
(Credit: North Carolina General Assembly)
Credit: North Carolina General Assembly

One North Carolina lawmaker is voicing his opinion about the education rally planned for May 16, saying the participating teachers are inconveniencing parents by not reporting to their schools that day.

Representative Mark Brody took to Facebook Friday to call out those teachers.

"The hypocrisy is that they say they are supporting the students. One less day of instruction does not help students," he wrote. "Teaching our children that it is OK to not show up for work does not set a good example."

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He continued: "Let's call this what it is, Teacher Union thugs want to control the education process! I am speaking up because I don't want Union County schools, and for that matter all NC school systems, to turn into Chicago."

Brody represents Union and Anson counties.

Thousands of teachers are expected to be in Raleigh on the 16th for the "March for Students and Rally for Respect."

The teachers are visiting legislators to ask for better pay and working conditions.