Wiley Nickel edges Bo Hines in closely watched 13th congressional race: Midterm Election 2022

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Wiley Nickel thanks supporters after win in 13th Congressional race
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State Sen. Wiley Nickel has defeated Bo Hines in the newly-drawn 13th Congressional District

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- State Sen. Wiley Nickel has defeated Bo Hines in the newly-drawn 13th Congressional District, delivering Democrats a key win as they try to keep control of the House.

The district, viewed by analysts as the state's lone toss-up in the House this cycle, drew considerable attention and money.

Nickel, a criminal defense attorney who worked in President Barack Obama's administration, has served in the State senate since 2018, representing District 16. He had previously served in the Clinton administration, working with Vice President Al Gore.


Midterm Elections 2022 Results

In the Democratic primary, Nickel faced four challengers, dispatching his closest competitor, Sam Searcy, by nearly 13,000 votes. During the campaign, Nickel touted his experience, and honed in on Hines' views on abortion; Hines backs a total ban on abortion with the exception of the life of the mother.

Hines, a Charlotte native, is a former NC State football player who transferred to Yale. He recently graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law.

He earned Donald Trump's endorsement during the primaries, which played a key role in winning a divided race. Eight candidates ran on the Republican ticket, with Hines beating DeVan Barbour, his closest opponent, by more than 5,000 votes. Hines, who attempted to dismiss similarities between himself and current Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who lost his Republican primary in May, focused his message on topics including inflation and immigration.

House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy also visited Wake County in August to support Hines' bid for Congress.