'It's beyond words': Fayetteville bowling alley among dozens closing, again, after N.C. Supreme Court's order

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Dozens of bowling alley businesses statewide are having to close their doors, again, in the latest order from the ongoing lawsuit against Governor Roy Cooper.

For owner Nancy Schenk, who just re-opened her alley on July 8, it's another major stumbling block in trying to stay afloat.

Last week, Judge James Gale overruled Governor Cooper's COVID-19 executive order, which allowed owners within the Bowling Proprietors Association of the Carolinas and Georgia (BPACG) to reopen under strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Schenk jumped on the opportunity to open, and for the next several days, she saw around 100 customers a day walk through B&B Lanes in Fayetteville. The owner and mother of two said they were getting by with enough money to pay rent and her limited staff.

However, on Tuesday, the N.C. Supreme Court put a hold on Judge Gale's order, meaning those same bowling ally facilities would need to close until a final decision was made in late August.

This decision was made, at the request of Cooper's state attorneys, out of fear that it would perpetuate the spread of COVID-19.

Schenk, who is also a member of the BPACG, says their attorney has provided data that shows this wouldn't be the case.

"There is no data that proved that COVID spread faster in bowling centers than it did in the rest of the world," Schenk said.

The businesswoman tells ABC11 that waiting until late August for a decision is not sustainable. Since March, B&B Lanes has lost nearly half a million dollars, "This is no longer a rainy day, we're beyond that."

That's why Schenk is looking at utilizing loopholes like holding "day camps" at her business. This legal approach would allow customers to come through her doors with the same strict health measures but slightly different business model.

"We are exploring our options to see if we can use some of these legal loopholes," Schenk said.

BPACG's attorney intends to submit paperwork and data to the N.C. Supreme Court on Monday to see if they would reverse the order in the coming weeks.
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