'We're ecstatic': Raleigh small business can pay rent, employees thanks to federal funds from PPP

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- One Raleigh small business owner believes he found the secret to quickly securing a federal loan as part of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Rusty Sutton pulled up the email that changed everything while acknowledging he's one of the lucky ones.

"We're ecstatic," he said.

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The Green Monkey owner was recently approved for the Payroll Protection Program, and the email confirmed that thousands of dollars were transferred into his bank account.

"We're just excited we can put our people back to work and we're in business for two more months at least," said Sutton.

One of the employees had been working through the crisis and sacrificing a paycheck.

"We're going to pay her all back for that," said Sutton.

Not only can he get people back on the books, he can also pay a bill that's been looming over his head---his rent.

"Said 'We'll have the rent for you this week, we got our loan,'" Sutton said he told his landlord.

According to officials, as long as Sutton keeps on his employees on the payroll until the end of June, the loan will be forgiven.

Some of his fellow small business owners aren't even close to this point. A few have been shut out of the loan application process or denied outright.

Sutton said his small, Wake County-owned bank helped him through the entire process and he thinks that made the difference.

He banks with Fidelity.

The bank is still accepting Paycheck Protection Program applications from customers, but is quickly approaching the $300 million loan ceiling.

"Our goal is to help our customers and we have been delighted to get several of these loans processed and funded quickly--some within the same business day as accepting the application," Fidelity said in a written statement.

Sutton said he is sympathetic toward those still going through the struggle of securing a PPP loan and said the burden is on the federal government.

"Do not announce it and release it until you have everything together," he said.

So the takeaway here--consider banking local. Sutton believed that is definitely why he secured a loan in days.
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