FACT CHECK: NC election workers must write on your ballot

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Saturday, October 17, 2020
FACT CHECK: NC election workers must write on your ballot
An e-mail going around claiming that election workers are writing on ballots before giving them to voters making their ballot invalid; that is not true, according to the State Board of Election. In fact, it's required that worker's write on them.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- As early voting is underway in North Carolina, there has been an increase of misinformation as to what should and should not be going on at polling stations. The State Board of Elections is stepping forward to set the record straight.

A social media post claims that a "reliable good friend" has finished poll worker training and claims that if a poll worker were to put any form of writing on your ballot it could disqualify your ballot.

The State Board of Election said this social media claim is false.

According to the Board of Elections, election workers must write an identifying number on your ballot. That goes for all absentee ballots, including one-stop ballots. It is required by law that this special number be assigned to each ballot and voter. The number can be used to retrieve ballots in the case of a successful election protest, such as if several voters are given the wrong ballot style and the margin for a contest is less than that number of voters.

The number also allows for the ballot to be retrieved if necessary based on a voter challenge; for example, if a voter were to die before Election Day or double votes.

Election Day ballots are not retrievable and will not have writing on them unless they are provisional ballots. In that case, those ballots are marked with the letter "P." Also in certain counties, for sorting purposes and requirements of the law, voter's precincts are required to be written on the ballot.

A reminder that voting more than once in an election is a form of voter fraud and a federal offense.


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