Lucky penny helps Graham man pocket $260,000 lottery jackpot: 'Keeping it forever'

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Lucky penny helps Graham man pocket $260,000 lottery jackpot
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Ralph Mayton Jr. of Graham won a quarter of a million dollar lottery jackpot after finding a lucky penny on the ground.

GRAHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- "See a penny, pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck."

That mantra worked out brilliantly for Ralph Mayton Jr. of Graham, as his lucky penny helped him pocket a $266,982 lottery jackpot!

"I always hear it's good luck if it's laying heads up and darn it if I don't believe it now," Mayton said. "I still got it in my pocket right now and I'm keeping it forever."

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Mayton, a mechanic for the last 40 years, found the penny on the ground while he was on his way to the BP on East Harden Street in Graham. Inside, he bought a $20 100X The Cash ticket for Sunday's drawing.

The ticket hit, winning him the $66,982 jackpot plus the progressive jackpot, which was an additional $200,000. After taxes, he took home $190,230.

"I had no idea that I won the extra $200,000," Mayton said. "My heart almost stopped I was so excited."

Mayton was so excited he told his mom about the good fortune...but she didn't believe him.

"We play Halloween tricks on her every year," he laughed, "and she thinks I'm playing a trick on her right now."

Mayton said he's planning to use some of the money to take his mom to Hawaii. Maybe she'll believe him when she gets off the airplane and steps onto the island.

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