'Dark feeling': Students stunned by yet another death at NC State, this one outside Sullivan Hall

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Students stunned by yet another death at NC State
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An NC State student died outside of Sullivan Residence Hall on Monday afternoon.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- An NC State student died outside of Sullivan Residence Hall on Monday afternoon.

NC State Police confirmed those facts but declined to comment further on questions surrounding the cause of death.

The death is yet another crushing blow to the Wolfpack family, coming after last school year which saw 14 students died -- seven by suicide.

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Students were coming back from the holiday weekend when they were confronted with a medical examiner's van and crime-scene technicians from CCBI milling about the campus dorm.

"It gave me this dark feeling," said student Matthew Davis. "That could be somebody I know. It could be anybody."

Davis is an Engineering student who lives in Sullivan Residence Hall. "I'm just a freshman, so it just makes me, like, put everything into perspective and think about everything differently and just see everything differently," he continued.

Davis was left with many questions. So was April Anderson who also lives in Sullivan Residence Hall.

"I was just getting back into the rhythm of things, getting ready for school tomorrow. But then that's when I heard. That's when I heard. And I was really sad about that," said Anderson as she walked outside her residence hall.

Ethan Slick is a senior at NC State. He only heard about what happened the next day.

"I didn't even hear about it from anything official. I just heard about it from my friends," Slick said.

NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson issued a statement saying in part:

"It's with sadness that I write to share the news of a death in our community. The loss of any member of our Pack is tragic, and I recognize that this loss is particularly impactful for many of our on-campus residents and housing staff. There are no words I can share that will heal what many of you are feeling. Simply, I grieve with you."

Business major Jordan Nance is at a loss for what needs to happen to stop the deaths of NC State students.

"What did they do? I have no answers. It was very emotional. That's all I can say, I don't know. I don't know what to do though," Nance said.

Engineering major Pierce Latta said the university is making mental health resources available and trying to help the student body.

"They did a lot. They made it really clear they're here and we have the resources we need. It's just sad." Latta said. "I have a good group of friends I'm surrounded with. My faith plays a part in that. So that's how I stay grounded I'd say."

The university added 15 additional mental health clinicians this school year, bringing the total to 50.