Bill requiring rideshare drivers to show front license plate, illuminated sign becomes law

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A new North Carolina law aims to make ridesharing safer for passengers across the state following the death of a South Carolina college student.

The Passenger Protection Act (House Bill 391) will require Uber, Lyft and other rideshare company drivers to:

  • Display a license plate number visible in front of the car

  • Have an illuminated sign displaying the rideshare logo that can be visible in darkness

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    University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson was killed after she got into the wrong car thinking it was her Uber.

    Starting Dec. 1, any rideshare driver not displaying the front license plate number can be fined $250.

    Under the law, the impersonation of a rideshare driver will be a misdemeanor.

    If a person impersonating a rideshare driver commits a separate felony - the impersonation will be categorized as a class H felony.

    The bill passed the House and Senate without any no votes.
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